The Pros And Cons Of Carrying Mobile Phone Insurance

In today’s modern world, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that does not have a mobile phone. These devices have even replaced the house phone and Smartphones are more intelligent that many people are today. However, when it comes to having your life on a phone, it raises the concern of how to keep that phone safe. The answer to that question is simple enough; you pay for mobile insurance.

Think about it, people drop their Smartphones all of the time. Smartphones get wet and theft of the expensive phones is on the rise. It only makes sense to protect your investment by paying insurance on it, right. Well, some people agree, but some people do not. Read on below for the pros and cons of carrying mobile phone insurance on your Smartphone by breaking it down bit by bit.

Situations Where People Could Benefit

There are some people who do not need mobile phone insurance and others that should not be without it. The ones that should have it and why are listed below.

You are A Total Klutz

If you are the type of person that has lost five mobile phones in as many months to accidents, then the insurance is probably a great idea for you. However, if you have had the same Smartphone for three years running, then you would probably be wasting your money.Mobile Phone In Car

If You Are On A Budget

If you are one of those mobile phone users that budgets every month then mobile insurance once again is the best bet for you. If you could not afford to replace your Smartphone if it broke or was stolen, but can afford the monthly payment to protect your phone for insurance then you need it for sure.

If You Have Small Children Or Pets

Okay, everyone knows that pets, small children, and mobile phones do not mix. There have been many stories of Smartphones being ruined because a toddler dropped it in a glass of Kool-Aid or the dog’s tail swiped it off the counter and it shattered on the floor. In this case, mobile phone insurance is probably a must for your family. However, if your kids are grown and the dog stays outside, it might be a waste of money to get insurance on your phone.

If You Travel A lot

The more you travel the more chance you take of having your Smartphone stolen or lost. Many, many travelers have left their phones sitting on a table in a restaurant or had it stolen out of the car when they just ran in to pay for their gas.

Whether you get mobile phone insurance on your mobile phone is of course completely up to you. The best thing to do is way the pros and cons, do your research and see if it is affordable where you live. Any of the situations above are a very good reason to have some type of mobile insurance on your phone, however, the choice is completely yours to make.